Office & Commercial Cleaning Services

We offer our customers the best there is when it comes to office and commercial cleaning. We have almost 30 years of experience when it comes to these projects, and we would like to share that experience with you. While we have an incredible amount of professionalism, as well as much experience in this field, we also have some of the best prices around. You can depend on us during the process, as we are always available. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or call us directly at 508.788.9070.

Our office and commercial cleaning services include:

•24/7 work availability
•24/7 answer service
•Office turnovers and general office cleaning
•Cleaning office common areas
•Cleaning condo common areas
•Carpet and upholstery cleaning
•Restaurant cleaning
•Retail store cleaning
•Kitchen sanitation
•Construction cleaning for commercial builders

all cleaning products used are biodegradeable & eco-friendly

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We provide affordable and dependable cleaning services for your office, manufacturing or retail space. We have worker’s compensation coverage on our entire staff as well as subcontractors, and we are fully insured and bonded.

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What are the Benefits of Getting your Office Professionally Cleaned?

There are many reasons that you may want to consider getting your office professionally cleaned. Professional cleaning services, such as 5 Star Professional Cleaning Services, have the skill to get the job done and get it done quickly. We know how to sanitize, dust and wash in the perfect way to ensure your office space is safe and clean. We have all of the products necessary and can help keep your space stocked with things such as toilet paper and paper towels, which many people avoid doing. Similarly, hiring someone to do the job allows your staff a break. Sometimes it can really hurt morale if you have employees cleaning, especially after they have worked all day. If you are interested in this service, or know someone that may be, feel free to contact us today by filling out our contact form to the right, or by calling us directly at 508.788.9070.