15 Essential House Cleaning Tips

home cleaning

There are a lot of different things you can do to ensure your home is clean and safe for your family, but what can make your life a little bit easier when going through the process of cleaning your home? Let’s take a look at some of the top house cleaning tips, which will help you keep your home as clean as possible.

  1. Remove Excess Clutter: Clutter can really make a difference in opening up your room.
  2. Organize your Supplies in a Caddy
  3. Create a Process
  4. Add an Extensions Cord to your Vacuum
  5. Remove Buildup of Grease on Items
  6. Sweep Tile before Cleaning
  7. Make sure to Dust: This is especially important when in reference to electronics, such as TVs, which can show a lot of dust, especially when it’s off.
  8. Bend down to Eye Level to Check for Extra Debris
  9. Make your own Cleaning Products: You can make your own cleaning products relatively easily. These products will be safe for your family, as well as having the ability to smell a bit better than your typical cleaning products, which have harsh odors.
  10. Use Super Glue to Fix Household Items: Using super glue can help fix a few household items that may have been looking a little less nice than usual.
  11. Use a Toothbrush: Using a toothbrush can be very helpful in getting the dirt out of small places, especially if you want to get those tiny bits out of the grout in tile.
  12. Handheld Vacuums can come in handy
  13. Make a Checklist
  14. Pick up Spills Immediately: Making this a habit ensures that no area will be sticky or have a bad odor over time.
  15. Get Rid of Pet Odor

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