Cleaning Services in Needham, MA

Our Services in Needham, MA

Have you ever entertained the idea of getting professional house cleaning for your home, but backed out because of the possible costs and other concerns? Now is the best time to start conquering your apprehensions and be open to the house cleaning help that you deserve.

Needham, MA, being a suburb of Boston, has a population of about 30,000, with about 11,000 households. Being home to many tech and manufacturing companies, and being so close to Boston, many adults living in Needham make the commute into the city for work. With all of this time spent towards commuting and working during the week, the last thing someone would want to do on the weekend is work more and do household chores. This is where we come in. 5 Star Professional Cleaning can help you by doing this work for you, and for a great price!

For one, the cost of house cleaning services in Needham can vary wildly according to the tasks, the schedule and the company. Some companies do charge more than the others, so it is best to research the best rates near you. Moreover, deep cleaning will cost more than routine cleaning, and the rates can vary if you prefer a weekly, bi-weekly and monthly schedule. There are special rates for emergency clean-ups and cleaning for special occasions.

To cover other concerns like injury and damages to your items, it is best to look for a bonded and insured company. Although these cleaners are trained and careful, random events can still happen. You don’t want to worry about medicating a worker’s injury or replacing or repairing damages in your home since the insurance company will take care of it. Getting a professional house cleaning service will certainly take off a lot from your plate. For more information, feel free to contact us, or you can call us at 508.788.9070 to reach us more directly.

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