4 Essential Cleaning Tips Before Moving Out of Your Home

Home Cleaning

The process of moving can often be a frustrating one, especially when it comes to clearing out years of accumulated objects out of your current residence. Carpet stains from years ago or marks on the walls that had previously been covered by strategically placed furniture suddenly jump out and become startlingly prominent. The last thing you likely want to do amid all the chaos of moving is clean out your soon-to-be former home, but it is important to leave it move-in ready for the future occupants.

Here are some essential cleaning tips to keep in mind before moving out of your home:

  • Dust off every surface.  Dust collects inside the home quickly, especially if there are certain spots you have not cleaned off in years. After moving out all of your possessions, especially the furniture, you will want to dust all those neglected areas. Be sure to pay special attention to window ledges, door frames, chandeliers and other hanging lights.
  • Sweep and mop the floors.  When it comes to the carpet, you will want to get stains out by any means possible; use power and liquid cleaners, vacuum up debris and rent a carpet cleaning machine. The floors should be as free of dirt as possible, so be sure to spend extra time cleaning the spaces between tiles and wooden floor panels.
  • Take a look at the walls.  If you look closely, you will likely notice that there are scuffs, scratches and notches taken out of the walls over the years. While they might not have seemed like a big deal when they were created, it is a much different situation when you are going to sell your home. Make those small repairs and cover marks up with a little paint.
  • Spend time in the bathroom.  Chances are your bathroom could use a deep clean as you are preparing to move. Get all of the gathered soap scum off of the sink, bathtub and the flooring. The counters and toilets will also need to be scrubbed down so they look presentable and are as germ-free as possible. Bathrooms should be a major focal point of your cleaning.

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