Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Cleaner While You Are Cooking

Family Cooking

Keeping your kitchen clean is always a challenge, especially when preparing meals for your family. It does not have to be an impossible task, however, as long as you follow some simple guidelines.

Here are a few tips to help you lessen the mess while cooking:

  • Slow yourself down. The easiest way to minimize untidiness is to work more slowly in the kitchen. Being deliberate in your measuring, chopping and mixing will reduce the amount of waste you create. Most of the time people try and do too much at once in order to get dinner on the table as quickly as possible, but this just results in more cleanup after the meal is over. Instead, take a little extra time and cook gradually and carefully.
  • Use a garbage bowl. Instead of walking over to the trash can with handfuls of scraps when you are cooking (which inevitably leads to dropping items on the floor), designate a bowl on your counter for these materials. Consolidating this waste will not only mean less cleaning after you are done cooking, it will also save you time while you are cooking. You will no longer lose those precious seconds having to cross the kitchen carrying rubbish.
  • Reuse dishes and utensils. You should reuse as many cooking items as possible, such as bowls, measuring cups and mixing spoons. This will mean simply rinsing and drying off these things while you are working, but the upshot is there will be a much smaller pile awaiting you in the sink later in the evening. Having a cup of warm water with just a little bit of soap nearby is good to dip spoons in for a quick cleaning while you work. 

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