How Can I Maintain My Home Between House Cleaning Visits?

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Before starting with a house cleaning service, you may think that they will be the end-all to cleaning, however, there is a bit of maintenance that goes in in between visits. This being said, many people have a service come in every few weeks and sometimes, that is not enough. Here, we have provided a guide to help you maneuver through the maintenance needed in between house cleaning visits so that you can always keep your home clean to the best of your abilities.

  • Focus on Main Rooms: By focusing on the main rooms, you have the ability to ensure your first impression on people is a good one. Main rooms, such as the kitchen, living room, dining room and bathrooms, are some of the first rooms that people see, and by keeping these clean, you can make sure every guest as a great first impression on your home.
  • Clean Floors: While it is not necessary to fully clean, sweep, mop, etc., it is important to make sure that the floors in your home stay clean in between cleanings. This can be easily attained by making sure you clean up all messes and spills, and maybe occasionally vacuuming a bit.
  • Organization: Making sure that everything has a place is important in a household. This will make sure you do not begin to clutter your home and instead, put everything in its designated place.
  • Break Up Tasks: By breaking up tasks, you will not have to be cleaning all day, and therefore it will not necessarily feel like a chore. Doing a bit a day can really make a difference in the long run and it won’t even feel like you’ve been constantly cleaning!
  • Manage Trash and Clothing: Making sure that your trash is organized is one thing, as you won’t have to be in a rush on trash day. Similarly, organizing clean clothes can also help you to avoid letting them sit there without being put away.
  • Countertop Cleaning: Doing a quick sweep of countertops once a week can make your home look sparkling and new!

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